Taking Cara Business

Leadership is Simple, But… Simple isn’t easy

The same way Knowledge is PowerBut… Information isn’t transformation

It’s all the Same, but different…

Everything is Better with a Buddy

At Taking Cara Business, you have access to the things you need to become the leader you have always wanted to be.

Through coaching, training, and leadership development learn the what, the why, and the how to take cara you, your team, and your business so everyone can win, including you. The best part is you never have to do it alone, you always have a buddy!

Buddy Bundles - 15 Minute Coaching Sessions



1:1 Coaching for You or Your Team


New Normal Leadership Training & Development


Taking Cara Business Started in 2019 to Bring in a New Way to Leadership, & Management So We Can People Better

Cara combines her passion for PEOPLE, Leadership, and Epigenetics so that way you can get more life in your life. Through her journey of personal growth, leadership development, and her creativity she has found ways that make it simple to learn to better understand your meat suit, the brain science behind leadership, and how to be the EXPERT we already are!

Whether you need support navigating your BS (Belief Systems), making a plan, increasing your time and team efficiency, or to make progress on those goals that have been waiting for you, I am here to help you get clarity on your pathway to the success that is right here!

You are the EXPERT and I’m the Coach.

There are lots of ways to become the leader you want to be. Through my servicces we use a variety of tools and methods to understand the pathway to not only know but to implement the things you need to WIN!

From the CARA Method, Kidding to Adulting, Spilling the TEA, and Shrooms to Ladders discover a new way to explore, experience and enjoy life and work as a leader and visionary!

Together, we get curious! We L.E.A.R.N. to P.L.A.Y and F.I.X. so you can W.O.R.K. towards what you actually want!

Taking Cara Business is Here to Develop You & Your Leadership Skills with Executive Coaching

There are a lot of reasons why people come to work with me! Over the years, I have noticed that there are skills and tools every leader needs to achieve their goals and their vision for success. Together we will explore any and every area that matters to you. Here are also a few areas we might but mostly likely will touch on…


Team Success

Understanding BS (Belief Systems)

The Connection Between Operations, Leadership & Management

Work Life Alignment to Have More Life in Your Life

Roadblocks to Resources


How to Empower Your Team

The Power of Words & Intentions

Team Alignment & Results 

Adaptability & Going from Me to I to We

How to Avoid Tasks to Get More of What You Want

Awareness & Clarity

Creating a WINning Culture



Decision Making

Empowering Your Managers & Team


“You are EXACTLY perfect, an EXPERT at YOU. Together, we can leverage that to your advantage!”

– Cara Jean Wilson

How We Work Together

Get to Know Each Other

Review Your Goals, Wants & Dreams

Pick a Pathway & Journey

We Show Up & Have Fun Doing the Work

Celebrate the WINS Along the Way

Articles & Stuff to Help You Learn & Grow


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What People Think About Taking Cara Business

Cara’s enthusiasm alone would be 5 stars

Add to the enthusiasm her wisdom and caring and you get a super star coach, advocate, cheerleader and wise guide. What a blessing is Cara!

– Daniel20

Cara is Real!

Cara is an absolute delight to know and work with. She is intuitive, has an amazing sense of humor and is truly authentic! With her, you see the unicorns and glitter and messy. She is totally transparent! No matter what crazy things life tosses at her, she shows up for YOU and she brings joy, peace and delight to the conversation. She is a beacon and inspiration!


Haven’t connected with Cara? Well ya should.

From the first day I first met Cara she has been an absolute delight. She is full of gold nuggets that get your brain turning and thinking in a more productive manner that positively impacts your business. Her energy is contagious, if you want a shot of caffeine without the caffeine, reach out now and connect with Cara. 😀

– Michael Blomquist – BloomsFinancialAlliance

Cara’s Clarity Session

I met Cara at on online business networking meeting. I charmed her way right into my heart with her quirky and delightful personality. She offered me a 15 Clarity session which helped me as I was at a major crossroads in my career and semi-retirement. She playfully opened space for me to share what was happening and then lovingly shared her intuitive insights. It was definitely a marker. I would highly recommend Cara. 

 – Kat Luther – The Solar Mama

Find your true release

In less than 15 minutes I was left wanting to truly understand the process which Cara worked with me to find clarity. It provided deep insights into where I was stuck and thoughts that hadn’t even occurred to me. Having this clarity has allowed me to move forward in many different ways which has brought greater results.

– Kevin23

Cara is a force of nature!

This woman right here, is going to help you cut your way through the BS, find clarity, and get you into action mode, in less than an hour! She is amazing and you definitely gotta spend time with her!

– Madhurima Sappatti – global stress management coach

Quickest way to getting unstuck

It’s almost unbelievable how talking with Cara for 15 minutes can get thoughts unstuck, ideas flowing and plans made. Best use of 15 minutes I’ve ever experienced. No need to hesitate. It’s real. It’s doable. It’s remarkably helpful!

– Virginia Tomlinson – The Recovering White Moderate speaker/trainer

Character review: I’ve been following Cara’s live streams on FB and appreciate the authenticity and uniqueness she brings to the world of coaching and personal development. In a world where social media is a way of life and picture perfectness is sold everywhere, Cara highlights the reality of things. My takeaway of her mission is that she is here to show people that we don’t have to be perfect to be successful. The power to show up confident in our own skin while building up those around us is within. If you are needing some help to find the light at the end of the tunnel Cara is your person.

– Yariv keren

Look no further. You are in good hands. Great energy, good vibes and awesome advise! Have the consultation you need with great 1:1 connection and more than a pinch of salt and pepper 😉

– Anna Empey

Cara is phenomenal at asking questions, listening, reframing, digging deep, and bringing you clarity. Her 15 minute clarity sessions are very valuable and she makes learning and growing fun, and relatable. Looking for a speaker? Someone to help you go to the next level it’s absolutely Cara!

– Charlene Chattams

Cara is awesome.  She is very attentive when you share with her.  She gets you to answer questions and you don’t even know you answering them.  She is so easy to share with and always smiles. She makes you so at ease and brings out the best in you.  If you have never talked to her, you are missing out.

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