Buddy Bundles

15-minute clarity sessions that make it easy for you to move through feeling stuck or a roadblock to clear action. Available in a variety of packages for you and your team.

Get Unstuck in 15-Minutes Guaranteed

Buddy Bundles are designed to help you recognize you are a genius.  You are the expert who knows what you need.  We just love to complicate things and speaking to someone else, getting out and to the forefront makes it not only simple but easier.  With a buddy bundle you don’t have to do it alone because we know everything is better with a buddy.

Do you ever get stuck in your own head?

Have you ever run into a roadblock that stops you in your tracks?

Are you tired of people telling you how you *should* do things?

This usually happens when you need clarity.  The odds are you DO know what you need and a buddy makes it easier to find.  The buddy bundle is designed to help you Clarify where you are stuck, Assess what you can do, Realign to what you will do then Make A Plan to do it.  Together we can get you a “CAR” and a “MAP” and all you are left with is driving it home.

What does a Buddy Session look like? 

Buddy Bundles are the easiest way to work with me.  You can simply purchase a bundle and schedule them.  If you aren’t sure how many you might need, we can do a free “fitFIX” 45-minute call to understand what will serve you best.

Each buddy session is very straightforward and will always start with these 3 questions:

  •  what do you need help with today
  •  why is now important
  •  what will things be like in 6 months when this works out perfectly?

From there we will dive deeper into what is holding you back and what you need to move forward.  By the end of the session, you will have a clear plan of action.

What’s Included in Buddy Bundles?

You can purchase buddy bundles in different package levels. I recommend looking at your overall goals to pick the number of sessions you need. These sessions can be used on your own timeline, and I do encourage you to use a minimum of 3 a month if you need more than 3 sessions. Consistent support will help you get consistent clarity and move toward your goals quicker.


3 x 15-minute Clarity Session = $150

Perfect for Purpose, Starting Projects or Building Momentum

6 x 15-minute Clarity Session = $300

Perfect for Plans, Maintaining Momentum or Switching Directions

12 x 15-minute Clarity Session = $600

Perfect for Performance, Aligning Accountability and Responsibilities, Staying Productive without Overwhelm

How to Get Started with a Buddy Bundle?

Step 1: Set up a Digital Date to Connect & Get to Know Each Other

Step 2: Schedule Your First Clarity Session or a fitFIX (45-Miinute Discovery Call to Get Clear on What You Need) or Schedule Both

Step 3: Purchase Your Bundle & Schedule Your Sessions 

Step 4: Take new actions between calls, and find your magic along the way.

Step 6: Complete your buddy bundles or keep working with Cara on your goals, whatever you see that you need! 

Find Clarity & Create Magic

My biggest reason for creating these buddy sessions and bundles is simple and maybe selfish… when people believe in themselves, and believe they can, then the world is full of possibilities instead of red tape.

Ii want to live a in a world where people know that anything is possible just because you think it can be.

Having a Buddy Makes it Easier to Fulfill Your Purpose. Let’s Walk Together!

My secret sauce is you.  I can bring the energy to share with you, a light into the darkness of what got you stuck and alignment to your dreams, but without your willingness to DO, I have nothing.  Buddy Bundles work best for leaders who are ready to DO and just want a little support to keep in action or build momentum.

Intentional Time Focused on the Support You Actually Need


Unpack the Area You Feel Stuck 


Stop the Cycle of Overwhlem & Learn How to Take Better Care. of Your Meat Suit


Increase Awareness & Express Your Ideas


Look at Soemthing Big or Something Small 


Discover You Belong Here & You ARE Worthy of Your Mission


Have Someone Who is Committed to Your Success


and So Much More

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