1:1 Coaching

A 1 year engagement built around a simple 4 step method (CARA Method) to enhance your strength, resilience, and ability to achieve your goals. 

Developing Your Skills as a Leader Begins with Becoming Comfortable As a Failure Expert (Fe)

Have the Fe (faith in Spanish) to Fail with Expertise you will be as strong as Fe (Iron). 

Iron is a chemical element with atomic number 26 and its chemical symbol is Fe. Iron is the most common element on Earth by mass, much like failure is the most common human experience.

Anything is possible IF you are willing to do the work.  Part of that work is failing and realigning over and over and over – it’s simple, not easy but with a buddy it’s easier, faster, and more effective.

What’s Included in the Coaching?

There are intentionally 26 parts to your 1:1 coaching program over the year to help you become a Fe – Failure Expert! 

Over the year we focus on working with you in phases through each quarter.

There are 56 Weekly Hour Long Sessions

Each Session for Each Month we have specific focuses be it Clarity, Assessment Realignment, and Achievement.

You will move through these areas to develop habits to build your awareness of what area you need to move to. The goal is that you can go from roadblocks to opportunities to be and do the things you are here for.

You get 2 VIP Day’s to Build Your Leadership Dashboard, connecting your why and vision on a single page to have a tool to keep the motivation to get things done!

The first one is our first session with a deep dive anywhere from 4-8 hours depending on your needs. The second one we do at the 6-month mark.

Micro- VIP Days  90 Minutes – 3 Hours additional support

8 Clarity Focuses

4 Quarters

5 Parts Per Quarter

56 Hours of 1:1 Focused Support

VIP Breakthrough Day


Bonus Trainings on the Physics to Understand Motivation to & Epigenetics to Empower Choice

VIP Day to Discover & Align Yourself with Your Purpose

Leadership Dashboard

What does the Failure Expert 1:1 Coaching Look Like?

Step 1: Set up a Digital Date to Connect & Get to Know Each Other

Step 2: Schedule Your First Clarity Session or a fitFIX (45-minute Discovery Call) or Both

Step 3: Start with Your VIP Day 

Step 4: Schedule Your Weekly Sessions & Dive Deep into the CARA Method to Support Yourself 

Step 5: As you put in the work, show up for your sessions, and apply all the things,  become who you need and want to be so you can be the leader you have always dreamed of. 

Discover the Magic of You

I believe in the magic of you, and what you CAN do with support.  So much of life is taking on then bluffing off the BS (belief systems) of those around us so we can take our best path forward. 

Most of the people in our world support us through the lens of their needs – like bosses, friends, and family.  As a coach, I get to support you as you decide what you can and will do.  Then I get to be there as you find what really works for you and together we make that your reality.

Get Support to Start Something New, Face the Messy Middle, and Step into Your Success

Get support to move through roadblocks & challenges, to gain confidence in your ability to achieve.  It is faster and easier to navigate the mess of life when you are supported and believed in, especially if you doubt yourself. 

Ready to stop doubting and lean into trusting? 

Support to


Face Imposter Syndrome


Stop the Cycle of Overwhlem


Make Big Decisions with Trust & COnfiidence


Go from Unfulfiilled to Life on Purpose


Stop Living Groundhog Day 


Shift the Way Your Team Hears You & Takes Actions


and So Much More

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