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Leading or managing a team is easier said than done. But leadership doesn’t have to be complicated. This program gives you the skills and the training to apply the CARA Method with your team. Cutting how much time you spend trying to get your team to do their job into short sessions that create and build trust, and empower your team for long-term success. 

Empower Your Team to Go from Can’t to Can in 20-Minutes or Less

I know when I was a leader it was a struggle to develop my people within the confines of the hour-long 1:1’s.  I created a 15-minute option because I know that when people are supported in their development ANYTHING is possible.  They are happier and healthier, so we are happier and healthier and the business is happier and healthier.  Everyone Wins.

Learn how to coach as a leader and meet your people where they are to help them with what they need in 15 minutes rather than hour-long 1:1s then practice it until you can confidently use the tool on command.

Everyone is the hero of their story and has the ability to succeed, not everyone has the clarity to take the steps towards success.  This practice builds a habit of support, understanding, acceptance, and taking the next step. You and your team will become capable of taking into account what can be done, recognizing what is in your control and what isn’t, and leaving behind what you can’t control so you CAN focus on what you CAN do. \

No need for hour-long 1:1s when you can go from can’t to can in under 20 minutes. After developing and using this tool with teams and people over 1000 times I realized it’s time more people understand and know how to apply this method to empower people to do and be their best. 

What does the New Normal Leadership Course look like?

This course is an advanced leadership training that teaches leaders how to coach and become the accountabiliBUDDY their team needs through 15-minute clarity sessions rather than hour-long 1:1s. 

It starts with a deep dive into the CARA method framework so you have the skills, tools, and mindsets to meet your people where they are then we spend a few weeks perfecting your ability to deliver results and move your team from roadblocks to resources quickly and effectively.

This course can be delivered in different ways based on different learning styles. If you are interested in getting your whole team trained on this, let’s talk and we can decide if virtual or in-person is right for you.

Get your confidence in leading your team in 12 weeks or less!

3-Week Course on The CARA Method

Understand what the steps and process is so you know how to move through each step in the process that produces such powerful results.

This includes cheat sheets to know how to lead each session, and a workbook for your clarity sessions.

6 Week Course To Develop Your Leadership Skills to go from Roadblocks to Resources

Build your skills to coach, connect with, and empower your team. Learn how to navigate and practice these skills so they become a habit so you can be the leader you team really needs to be successful.

Earn 15-minute Clarity Sessions Throughout the Course

As you build your skills, experiencing these sessions for yourself and the power that comes with applying the CARA Method for yourself will change the game in your ability to implement and use these tools with your team.

How to Get Started with a Buddy Bundle?

Step 1: Set up a Digital Date to Connect & Get to Know Each Other

Step 2: Schedule Your First Clarity Session or a fitFIX (45-Miinute Discovery Call to Get Clear on What You Need) or Schedule Both

Step 3: Pick Your Start Date & Get You Added into the Training & Schedule Your Daily Sessions 

Step 4: Learn everything you can as you deepen your understanding of the CARA Method, and start applying what you learn. 

Step 6: Develop your confidence to lead the short sessions to connect and empower your team. 

BONUS: Have a happier team, less stress, and better results. 

Leading Your Team Can Be Simple Even If it Doesn’t Feel Easy

My secret is you and your secret is them.  

This is new normal leadership You are a genius.  You are the expert. You know what you need.  So are they and so do they, only we love to complicate it.  Speaking to someone else, getting it out and to the forefront, makes it not only simple but easier. It can be easier.

Everything is better with a buddy and you can be their buddy. This is the power of support, with support we can turn any Can it be done? Into HOW can it be done?

It doesn’t have to be complicated to empower your team, and it can be simple. This course makes it simple, so that way it can be effective, even if it isn’t easy. 

Having a Buddy Makes it Easier to Fulfill Your Purpose. Learn to Walk with Your Team!

A leader’s greatest strength. is know how to support their people. When you take care of yourself, and you take care of your people, and you help them to take care of themselves then everybody wins,

By developing your leadership or management team this changes your ability to support people on all levels throughout your organization, business, or community. After all, we all need positive support and connection in order to manage our meat suits and make the best out of the life we got.

Build Your Skills & Your Teams Skills All at the Same Time


Get Clear on What is Causing a Lack of Results


Understand How to Know EXACTLY What Your Team Needs to Do Their Job


Reduce Overwhlem for Your Whole Team


Know How to Coach People in the Way They Need to Be Motivated


Help Your Team Connect & Feel Valued, Supported and Empowered


Improve Team Dynamics & Bring Them Towards a Common Goal (Real Alignment)


and So Much More

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