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Being a business leader, a manager, an entrepreneur, or up to something in business then it can feel pretty messy, and lonely. Here at Taking Cara Business, we prioritize you being seen, heard, and supported.

There is no “one path fits all” expectation.  The framework, skills, tools, and mindsets in each of these services are designed to empower your choices. The secret to my success is you. I have seen what support and empowerment can do for individuals and organizations. I am here to support you and empower your choices.

Buddy Bundles

Get support to move from a roadblock, or challenge, to a clear resource so you can stay in action.  It is faster and easier to get to the root of a problem and then to a solution with a buddy. 

When you create and build a habit of getting and seeking support as a leader, everything changes for the better. 

New Normal Leadership Training

Get support to move your team from a roadblock, or challenge, to a clear resource so they can stay in action.  It is faster and easier to get to the root of a problem and then to a solution with a buddy. 

When you create and build a habit of getting and seeking support as a leader, and empowering your team to do the same everything changes for the better.

1:1 Coaching

Get support to move through roadblocks & challenges, to gain confidence in your ability to achieve.  It is faster and easier to navigate the mess of life when you are supported and believed in, especially if you doubt yourself. 

When you create and build a habit of getting and seeking support as a leader, everything changes for the better.

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The CARA Method Makes it Simple to Be Successful


Clarity | Assess | Realign | Achieve

The CARA Method is a foundation and methodology for understanding ourselves, our people, and how to turn “can I?” Into “I can!!” with proven methods and science.

The CARA Method is built around the #magic3, the way you think, speak and behave.

Ready to climb the REAL ladder of success? Try the CARA Method!

The CARA Method Changes the Way We Understand & Connect with People & Life

With understanding comes awareness, and with awareness comes impact.  The CARA Method is designed to help you move through each part to have the impact you want.

Kidding to Adulting

A Way to Understand Self

Tears to TEA

A Way to Understand Others

Shrooms to Ladders

A Way to Understand Life

Signs You Are Ready to Work with Cara


Knowledge is Power but not Transformation.. Transformation requires repetition for retention. That is why Applied Knowledge is TRUE Power! 

Results come from doing what you know and being who you need to be. Ready for new results, then let’s chat! 

Imposter Syndrome

Ready to stop feeling like you don’t belong here, or that you are not “good enough”?

Need/Want Accountability

I’m here to listen, ask questions, and help you stay accountable to your goals.

Improve Communication Skills

Communication is the foundation to being seen and heard, and being the leader you have always wanted to become.


If you are finding it hard to find agreement, it’s probably because you need alignment. True aliignment will make it simple to move forward, even if it means you need alignment within yourself.

Effective Results Execution

Welcome to #adulting, you know things, and know-know things, but there is no guarantee you will do what you need and know to do. Together we figure out what you know and do so you can do more of what you want, and less of what you don’t.

Clarity in Action

This is about unpacking all the shoulds so you know what you could and will do. If you are struggling to do, you might be doing something you don’t actually need to do. 

Lack of Engagement

Whether this is in your life, in your team, or with your goals, lets look at this deeper together!

Lack of Clear Direction

The best I’ve found so far is  from Alice & Wonderland when Alice asks the Cheshire Cat where to go:

“Cheshire: That depends on where you want to get to.

Alice: I don’t much care where

Cheshire: then it doesn’t much matter which way you go.”

Work & Life Alignment

There’s no such thing as “balance” that is like trying to balance grains of sand (work)  against the entire beach (your life), they can never balance but they can align! 

Burnout or Overwhelm

This is a clear sign that what you’ve done in the past isn’t actually working for you now… I am here to tell you that even though it seems hard to find a new way it can be simple.


If you are at a crossroads, or at a point of transformation where you could go any direction to create any idea, Together we discover whats right for you! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s your story? Where did you start on this?

I have been groomed for leadership my whole life, took my first dual certification course at 8 years old, hired for my first management position at 15 (5 person crew at a burger stand in Mexico), and so on.  I have been in Leadership for over 25 years – and there are some universal gaps.  Typically in communication and development. 

For me, it was wanting to develop my team but limited by the corporate culture of hour long 1:1s… which is unrealistic at an operational level. I figured out a better way, that took less time.  I tested, retested, changed and retested again till I came up with The CARA Method, the clarity sessions, the leadership training and the Failure expert Coaching.  All designed to meet you where you are so you can become the best you that you want to be.  I believe in you.

What’s been your biggest challenge?

Believing in myself.  To date, the self-care needed to have the head space to be my own cheerleader is STILL the hardest part.  Taking care of THIS hot mess so I can address any other hot mess that comes my way, is still the hardest part.  Luckily there are skills, tools, and mindsets that help.  I know the CARA method works because I use it and so do many of my clients and past teams that I have worked with over the years.

Who do you work with?

My favorite people and clients are the “freaks”, “geeks”, “losers”, “weridos”… the people who have never quite “fit in”.  I don’t believe we are broken or damaged, I think we don’t fit because the box wasn’t built for us.  If this resonates with you… then let’s make a new box, or better yet – burn the box and live in the fresh air.

How is What You Do Different?

I support failures.  The more we fail, the more we can learn and I am here for it.

How do you have the energy you have?

The CARA Method.  When my energy start to fail I fall back on the framework that works: clarity (what are my options), Assess (which choice is right for me, now), Realign (action, try somethings), Achieve (outcome is either a lesson learned or a success earned)

How do people work with you?

Let’s talk. It’s that simple.  All I will ever do is offer an offer – it’s just that, an offer, not an obligation.  YOU know what’s right for you.

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